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Chase Carroll


"Sometimes we chase what we cannot feel. I want to create what I have longed for."

The Full Story

I am a multi-talented artist and director whose work consists of a variety of mediums each with a unique stylistic approach. I grew up in Northern Kentucky and I am currently a student studying at the University of Cincinnati for my BFA.

Lived experiences cultivate a dreadful feeling of uncertainty, while constantly questioning the integrity of my own character. This foreign space causes an overwhelming emotional response, translated into eerie visual. Through multimedia platforms I communicate ideas associated with the human condition. Taking a suitable medium such as drawing, photography, and printmaking, sought to manipulate my materials and ideas to fit humanity and the human condition that exists. Morality, love, and loss can take on constantly shifting enigmatic depths of morals and human behavior.

Choosing to capture these fleeting moments of reflection, decision, and shame while balancing good and evil. Illuminating the complexity behind human existence in search of forgiveness. The desire to endow my mind into both the strengths and weaknesses within myself, hoping others feel curiosity towards personal reflection.Diverging my viewers to see through to a discrete conversation of what and who we are as humans.  

I take interest in mosaic poetry as I yearn to discover the emotional factors of human turmoil and joy. My work is translated through my printmaking, photography, drawings, and writing. I am a multimedia artist aspiring to use multiple platforms to communicate ideas associated with self-identity, shame, fear, morality, and the human condition.


Growing up I was an All-star dancer for over 16 years. Dance gave me the opportunity to delve into my creative aspirations while meeting others different backgrounds and interests. While performing was the general love of the sport, while also having a professional pull to my personality, I took care in knowing those around me. You could say this was my family away from home, my secondary place in which I could try to exert myself and also search for what made us who we are. My art derives from the relationship that has brought me much peace and curiosity. My background in dance informs the visual and emotional observations of human bond.  would love to travel the world someday like most people do, observing how others live compared to myself while embarking on beautiful (and horrible) scenes. 

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