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The Circus of Morality

For this series I use self discovery to explore my morality. I have the need for my soul to be pure but I am in a constant battle of struggle and confusion. Are we all equally as bad as we are good? When we treat our soul with respect and love we build a structure. My soul needs cared for whether I am believed to be good or evil. We sin and love constantly no matter what our morals are. I want to be good, an angel if possible. My mistakes devour me, as I drown in the malnourished soul I have. We find ourselves drawn to the ideals of extreme, whether that be good or evil. I have a need to feed my soul with what the world throws my way. Feeding on the worst parts of ourselves or the best parts, either way I'm never full. Good and bad conquer the world but which side will conquer me? Will I one day crave too much evil? Can I balance the scale between the good and evil? I cannot become the evil I fear being, but it may be too late.

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